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Don’t Bring Your Baggage to Work

I used to trek off to work with a huge purse (filled), a gym bag, a lunch bag (usually a reused paper or plastic bag) and my water bottle. The best I did in terms of minimization was that I use a card case as a wallet (I only need ID, debit card and cash). And four-inch heels. My chiropractor wanted to throttle me. So did my feet, my ankles, the passenger seat of my car, and my stuff itself – it got worn out from being hauled around like that every day.

Things have changed.

I use a gym that supplies towels and launders your workout clothes. My clothes and shoes and toiletries stay in my locker. No more gym bag.

I use a smartphone. That means I no longer need a paper planner, a food log, a shopping list, an iPod, a camera, a work Blackberry, a personal cell phone, a pen, printed-out directions, a book, a mirror, etc., etc.

I no longer have easy access to a refrigerator, so I got a Built lunch tote. Things stay nice and cool, including my one-liter water bottle. No more raggedy old bags.

What does all this mean?

Instead of looking like a sherpa as I get in and out of the car, as I keep everything from tipping over in the passenger seat on the way to work, and as I tote them into and out of work….

I can toss my keys, phone and wallet into my coat pocket and pick up my lunch bag. Some days, I do use a purse, but it’s nearly empty.

So much less to remember. So much less to carry. So much neater!

What do you carry to and from work every day? What could help you carry less?


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