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Favorite Things: “Inspired By It” Cards

Today I got a fabulous surprise: cards from the new “Quotes to Inspire” line by Inspired By It to check out!

In the note that accompanies each card, Keith and Nicole Couto explain, “[W]e found ourselves looking for “the” card – the one with the perfectly crafted message and a simple, refined design. It was a struggle to find. We are, admittedly, persnickety about these things. So, we created what we couldn’t find….”

As you know, I, too, am persnickety about some things. Especially cards. The right pen, the right paper, the right card: it’s so important!

I absolutely love these. The envelopes are lovely and creamy, the cards are square and sizeable and thick, and the designs are gorgeous. None of those soppy calligraphied couplets, and none of those hackneyed quotes (“laugh like nobody’s looking” and all that). The colors are perfect, the typography is perfect, the quotes are perfect.

The only problem?

I love them too much to send them away.

This one is a quote by Thomas Fuller: “All things are difficult before they are easy.” It’s on my fridge. I need to see this every single day.

Keith and Nicole are selling Inspired By It cards, starting with this set, and adding more new ones soon. I can’t wait!


Sarah Morgan

Nicole, I’m only now seeing your comment because it never got flagged for me. What gives, WordPress?

Alas. Anyway, I am LOVING your latest cards. The “Today” and the “You” ones in particular. Do you sell them just singly? Because I’d love to get a box of each!


Sarah – thank you SO much for the great write-up! I am glad you liked the cards so much! Head over to our website to take a peak – I will send you some more of the ones you like!
We have three different boxed sets now…:)


This post gave me chills!

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