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After @kevinabarry had a snarky comment about how I wanted the Jurassic Park soundtrack, we decided to see what the masses had to say, and we asked our networks what the best movie soundtrack ever was. Here’s what we got. (This doesn’t include all the fights that started on Twitter and Facebook!)

@gturpin My immediate response would be “Last Temptation of Jesus Christ” by Peter Gabriel, but that’s probably not a popular answer.

@louisefw Once upon a Time in the West (un-be-lievable)

@micrathene I’m too much of a soundtrack slut to choose just one. I love so many of them!

@andya Top Gun. Hands down the best movie soundtrack.

@kristingast I really loved the soundtrack to The Social Network #bestRECENTsoundtrack

@caseykaplan Footloose, Stand By Me, Goonies

@jasonhall Michael Kamen’s score for The Iron Giant was a perfect fit with every frame of that film #bestsoundtrack

@ellytrickett I have particular weakness for the Midnight Cowboy soundtrack. Best? Dunno. But all-time fave? Yep.

@prranch I’ll go with the first sound track I ever bought – before Andy’s fav Top Gun. Foot Loose. #bestsoundtrack

Becki Nicolla Coffey Trainspotting!

Michael Duffy Bourke Empire records

Mary Kay Shera XANADU!!! No, I’m not kidding. BTW… JC Penney is currently using “Magic” from Xanadu in its commericials.

Bruce Gardner ‎”The Natural”

Deborah Clisham Manville either The Godfather or the Beatles A Hard Day’s Night

Trevor Bratton Pulp Fiction, Purple Rain, Boomerang, Hangover, Office Space, Thomas Crown Affair, Top Gun

Ashia Sims Purple Rain, Love Jones, Waiting to Exhale

Diana George Santoro I’m going to have to go with Purple Rain. But I also loved O Brother, Where Art Thou. Oh wait, then there’s Grease. And Sense & Sensibility…. Amadeus. The Sting. Pulp Fiction. I can’t seem to stop myself now, sorry.

@jenpeters6 Dirty Dancing. Duh. #bestsoundtrack

@bobledrew Triplets of Belleville #bestsoundtrack

@noahsaidwhat you’re all wrong re: #bestsoundtrack. The list begins and ends with Saturday Night Fever

@erinwest Wes Andersen’s “Rushmore” – #bestsoundtrack ever!

@existentialpunk #Bestsoundtrack Lost in Translation!

@rxbrat1979 #bestsoundtrack is The Crow.

Jason Sekerak Pulp Fiction and High Fidelity.

@kevinabarry admits: My votes for #bestsoundtrack by decade: Footloose (80s), Reality Bites (90s), Chicago (00s).

Jeff Hoyak Best movie soundtrack without songs: Chinatown. Bluesy, jazzy, haunting, moody and rueful, like the movie. By the greatest movie composer of all time, the late Jerry Goldsmith. Best movie SONG soundtrack: The Big Chill. (Hey, I’m an aging boomer).

Armando Bisceglia Rocky, Jerry McGuire, Hope Floats…..

@robicellis The answer is Dirty Dancing. Why is there a discussion?

Jeff Carter Showing my age (and some progression of musical preferences) with this list, but here goes: The Graduate, Saturday Night Fever, Urban Cowboy, The Big Chill, The Blues Brothers, Pretty in Pink, Footloose, Dazed and Confused, Grosse Point Blank, Singles.

Me? I still love Jurassic Park (gives me chills every time), but I’ll also vote for Dirty Dancing (sob), Pulp Fiction (Jungle Boogie), Empire Records (even though it doesn’t have the best song, Romeo and Juliet), Run Lola Run (I want to be Franka Potente), Moulin Rouge, Love Actually, Bend It Like Beckham, Slumdog Millionaire, The Matrix, Across the Universe and Threesome.

Whew. Also, I didn’t know Josh Charles was in Threesome. I loved that man back in 1994; who knew?

What say you?



Wow, I can’t believe no one mentioned “The Sound of Music” soundtrack (or did I just out myself as a total geek?) Other good ones: Marie Antoinette, Trainspotting and Cruel Intentions.


Can’t believe how long it took before someone said Singles! But really, no Lost Boys fans out there?


Valley Girl. Seriously, high quality songs from ’83. Most still hold up today.


As I tweeted just a moment too late to make the blog, Empire Records, with strong seconds to Rushmore. But that’s if we’re talking soundtrack, ’cause it sounds like some people are referring to scores. And if that’s the case, someone get Hans Zimmer on the phone so we can give him a trophy for the score for the Pirates of the Caribbean series 🙂

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