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Impossible Words

The first Sarah, she didn’t know what to do with impossible.

Nor do I. But if I could talk about it the way Sarah Kay does, maybe it wouldn’t seem so impossible.

There are people in this world whose professional identity is “poet”. That alone seems impossible to me, and yet of course it isn’t.

Give her TED talk 18 minutes. Put it on while you’re doing something and just listen. But know that her words and her rhythm are going to draw you in and you’re going to get mesmerized.

And then go watch her Hands on Def Poetry for a little bit more.

And then tell me, what are 10 things you know to be true? I’ll spot you the first nine. You just finish it off with yours.

  1. I have been told that I need to be more confident but the problem is that I learned why I shouldn’t be first.
  2. “Why not?” is a great reason to do something unimportant but a terrible reason to do something that should be important.
  3. The three greatest feelings in the world are clean white sheets, hot summer sunshine, and the hand of somebody who loves you most.
  4. When I get lost in a book, coming back to the world is physically uncomfortable. It’s like getting woken up with a flashlight shone in your face.
  5. It isn’t that prayers don’t come true, it’s that you’re asking for the wrong thing.
  6. Silence is underrated.
  7. Trendy is overrated.
  8. My first three memories are of being afraid.
  9. The word I’ve worked hardest for is the word “home”.


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