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For Real

I know bloggers who talk a great game. They like to lecture and tell you all about wonderful things that they do, that you should do too.

Except I know them. Well enough to know that they’re… well, not lying exactly, but exaggerating. Maybe they did that wonderful thing once, but it’s sure not a habit.

Seriously, what’s the point? Strangers feel inadequate and the people who know you think you’re a fool. Is that the set-up you want?

But then there are bloggers that slap you upside the head with their reality. Britt is one of those. Jane is another. Ellie. Matt.

These are people whose action shames you into being honest with yourself, because they’re so up front about who they are and where they’re at.

While they might be too polite to say it, you get the impression that they don’t have the time for anybody who’s anything but up front too, and you want to be more like that.

I do, anyway.

These are the people who inspire me.

Let’s all push each other to be a little more real.




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