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mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity: Episodes 494-526

Whenever I finally get around to doing one of these mammoth roundups, I always promise myself that, in future, I’ll do them as soon as they come in. Over 500 later, and I’m still telling myself these lies. Oh well.

Incidentally, do you suppose that with the name comes an interest in books, home improvement, haircare, and specific girls’ names? This week I’ve learned that Washington Other Me’s daughter has what’s always been one of my favorite names.

Also that there’s a blow-dry bootcamp in Covent Garden to which London Other Me was invited. Along with invoices from to Michigan Other Me, a return of an Oasis Slinky Neck Halter Dress to London Other Me, an invitation from pbjlover to play Pocket Frogs on Plus+, login information for Washington Other Me’s daughter’s tutor (the daughter with the name I liked), a reminder for California Other Me to return the contract for her adjunct class in librarianship, an invitation from Ssebandeke Kefas to join Google (to my Gmail account, ironically), an invitation to the Colwall Family Music Festival, and Rewards “R” Us memberships for frequent toy shoppers.

And plenty of bacn from Cox & Power, Aritzia, Simply Me, The Chocolate Bar and the Royal College of Nursing; urban legends about spiders in toilets from Jim; thank-you emails from Compton Hair & Beauty (London, not Los Angeles); and persistent emails from Misty the Deal-Mart Manager at Dallas Nissan of Grapevine, Texas.

I have to say, though, Sarah Marie isn’t going to be able to open her new website if she can’t get her own email right, and I find her business acumen suspect if her password really is “sarahthebestie”. Unless someone else set it up for her. My FTP password is similarly doofy for that reason, so I give her the benefit of the doubt.

And I doubt that Sarah Louise will meet with much success on that new job-search website if she can’t do the same. She may be the same one (London Other Me #2) who just applied for a place as Assistant Support Worker for Paul, but that’s up for debate:

From: Paul
Re: Confirmation of your job application

Hello Sarah

I have no idea what has happen there to be honest. No one who has applied for any job with me who has your email address so I am as confused as you are. I will keep an eye on it and if any candidate comes through on that email address I will let you know


Hays Social Housing
Hull, HU1 3QD
Recruiting Experts in Social Housing

From: Me
To: Paul
Re: Confirmation of your job application


I just received this email, but I did not apply for a job with you. I live in the United States. Can you please tell me who gave you my email address?


From: Hays Specialist Recruitment
Re: Confirmation of your job application

Dear sarah morgan,

Thank you for using Hays as part of your next career move. Here are the details of your application for your records:

Position : Assistant Support Worker
Reference : 1418104
Consultant : Paul
Office : Hull 2nd Floor, Permanent House, 25 South Street , Hull , East Yorkshire , United Kingdom , HU1 3QD

Best regards,
The team

* * *

This email from Jenny, inviting parents to an end-of-year school party, came with the following flyer:

From: Jenny
Re: Reception Party on 15th July / Goodbye presents for teachers

Hello all Reception parents and carers

Hopefully at pick-up recently you were given an invitation to the Reception (Orange and Purple) parents get together on:

Friday 15th July from 8pm at The Prince, corner of Nevill Road and Kynaston Road.

All Reception parents are invited – please spread the word! The invitation is attached. This will be a chance for everyone to meet for a drink without the kids and get to know a few more people – nice as the classes will be mixed up again for Year 1.

We’re also arranging end of year collections for the Reception teachers to buy a thank you present of a voucher which they can then choose to spend on what they’d like.

If you’d like to contribute:

PURPLE CLASS PARENTS – please give money to Justine (Hal’s mum) by Wednesday. This is all underway already hence the shorter deadline!

ORANGE CLASS PARENTS – please give money to Nicola (Tom’s mum). Nicola won’t be around at drop-off and/or pick-up till Wednesday but if you’d like to sort it out sooner you can give it to any of the Orange reps – Kristen (Juliette’s mum), Janet (Noah’s mum) or Jenny (Livvy’s mum). Thanks!

In addition to a group card/gift, as a special souvenier of Miss Langdon’s first year of teaching and thanks to both Kirsty and Sharifa, Kristen (Juliette’s mum) has (bravely!) come up with the idea of making a bound book from the kids in Orange class. This would be a 30 page book, (one A4 page per child) with a personal “best bits about my first year of school” for the child to write, a space for a personal drawing or photo (if preferred) and name of course. We will make a copy for BOTH Miss Langdon and Miss Choudry.

Kristen (Juliette’s mum) will try and get a paper handout to you early this week for return by Monday 11th to Kristen.

We’d like to present all these to the teachers at the party so contributions no later than Monday 11th latest please. Thanks!

Hope to see everyone at the party.

The Reception Parent Reps. x

* * *

Let’s wind things up with an email from Cameron titled, in a very e.e. cummings sort of way, “jake andlucy”

I buy a new camera
some photos of lucy and jake for you
c am

Lucy is the brindled one on the hardwood floor, and Jake the one with the blue ball, if you were curious. And I know you were.


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