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On Writing

Writing is important the same way learning how to talk is important. Especially today. A hundred years ago, it was feasible that a person could have a full adult life without being much bothered by writing. Today, though, when so much of our communications is written – it’s just not possible.

That’s why it makes me extra super crazy when people talk about how the rules of writing aren’t important anymore. You don’t need to learn how to spell, you don’t need to know how to diagram a sentence, you don’t need to understand grammar and the English language.

So when I read this article questioning whether it was time to improve how we taught our language, the only thing I could think of was, ABOUT TIME.



I agree. Also upsetting are the recent reports that cursive is not being taught in some schools. Are we raising an entire generation who cannot communicate properly and will only be able to sign “X” on the line? Let’s not fall behind, America.

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