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They’re On To Me: A Play in Two Acts

Act I.

(Doctor, seeing my foot, half of which is an interesting shade of navy.)

DOCTOR: Ooh, wow.

(DOCTOR does that thing where he pokes EXACTLY WHERE IT HURTS and asks “Does that hurt?” and then leaves the room to get something.)

ME: So, I have a couple of questions….

(DOCTOR doesn’t even bother coming back to answer, but yells from the hallway.)

DOCTOR: No you can’t, and no you can’t!

Act II.

(Receptionist, scheduling my next appointment.)

RECEPTIONIST: So, he wants to see you again on Saturday.

ME (grumpily): Well, I can’t go visit my friends, and I can’t go to tae kwon do, and I can’t go to jiu jitsu, and I can’t go running, so I’m free all day. Unless I decide to take up knitting or something.

RECEPTIONIST (cheerily): Oh, don’t do that, you’d probably hurt yourself.


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