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One of the things that frustrates me the most about myself is that I don’t speak up when I should.

Part of it is out of respect, but mostly I’m just scared. I don’t trust that I can back up what I say, and I don’t like having people mad at me. So I stew, getting much angrier than if I’d spoken up in the first place.

Clearly this should not continue. So, this being my own corner of the universe, I’m taking a moment to opine about a few of things I haven’t had the nerve to contradict people about in actual recent conversations.

Maybe more than a moment. Maybe more than a few. When you see how nutty some of them are, you’ll see how badly I need to learn how to speak up.

This post is thoroughly negative and pretty rude too. But I’m still publishing it. Because it’s time I started saying what I think, even if I only start here. And if you disagree – well, frankly, just this once in my life, I’m done with listening politely.


Sarah Morgan

Word, yo.

Ari Herzog

We single people should hang out more, though.


Wow. You were holding a lot in.

Sarah Morgan

I respectfully, and thoroughly, disagree.


That particular argument for abortion is equally frustrating. To use your analogy, once you’ve made the cake batter only one outcome is possible: cake. Independently, the ingredients can become any number of tasty treats, but once combined, cake is the only thing you’ll get after some baking. The same goes for the group of sixteen cells. Only one outcome is possible once a zygote is formed: baby. Independently, the individual cells responsible for reproduction are basically useless until one fertilizes the other. But there can be no other result from that one very quick biological process. Cake batter= cake. Fertilized egg= baby. Certainly, the destruction of sixteen cells is far less ruinous than destroying actual human tissue and one I’m not philosophically opposed to, but call it what it is. Faulty logic can’t negate biology.

Therese O'Donnell

I a proud of you and your informed comments. No need to be are full of common sense and knowledge. Sometimes this is threatening to people..I love you for who you are..a wonderfully intelligent and beautiful person…inside and out.


Well it seems silly not to comment for the same reasons you don’t want to speak so…I respectfully couldn’t disagree more about gay marriage and God, abortion and gun control but you hit the nail on the head with the others. Good for you for putting your opinions out there. You have some serious guts.


Absolutely love the rant!! If I had the guts, I would make a list of my own. That said, I couldn’t agree more with these:

Working with younger people doesn’t give you the right to condescend to them. It is not their fault you’re old.

Working with older people doesn’t oblige you to hide your smarts. It is not your fault they’re old.

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