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Tell Me What To Do!

This being Saturday, this would normally be a health-related post…

(by the way, are you catching on to the pattern of posts? I’ll be able to help you with that soon!)

…but being as I’ve had a sprained ankle for two weeks, I haven’t got much to offer.

I did pass my next Gracie test (Triangles! Kimuras! Rollovers! Oh my!) (And yes, Gracies are awful pretty, aren’t they?) but I couldn’t do all of it, which was frustrating. And all my best-laid plans for runs and workouts have come to naught. But I’ve been letting my fabulous doctor and instructors tell me what to do, which means I’m healing nicely. Yay!

That made me think,though. I’m working on bloggish things for the rest of the year, and it hit me: I should let you guys tell me what to do. Your ideas are pretty great. Just check out the “You Write the Title” series.

So you’ve got two questions to answer in the comments below.

1. There used to be 1-2 posts a week, but lately they’ve been not quite daily, but almost. Do you prefer more or less frequent? 

2. Let’s call this You Write the Title II. As evidenced last time, you write it and I’ll write it. What do you want to read about? 



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