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Around the House in 80 Days: 7 Steps to Kitchen Bliss

Welcome to a new series! I’m going room by room around the house with easy tips to keep that space organized. Let’s start this party with the kitchen. That’s where everybody always ends up anyway. 

I am the anti-Hannah Harto.

Which is not to say I am anti-Hannah Harto. She makes me cry laughing. She’s fabulous. A girl getting tipsy and making silliness in the kitchen? Why has she not been hanging out with me and my friends for the last 15 years?

Uh, because she’s way younger, lives in Brooklyn, and is fast on her way to becoming a celebrity? … Sometimes answers are not fun. 

Anyway. My point is, we’re very different. I love baking, and am, frankly, pretty ass-kickingly great at it. And in the last year, after some effort, I’ve gotten quite-frankly amazing at cooking too. Proof, you say? Happy to. Evidence: one turkey breast, one batch of cookies, and one satisfied customer:

How cute is my cousin?

While sometimes my new projects do make the kitchen a little insane (like the Asparagus Soup Debacle, or the Great Canning Incident of 2010), I try to keep it neat. It’s not a huge space, and anyway, you know, it’s me: It’s got to be organized. Here’s how I do it.

Even if you don’t think organizing is fun (but it is!), it still makes sense to be an organized cook, because it’s just so darn much EASIER. I don’t care who you are, as much as you enjoy it, nobody likes running out to the store four times along the way and then having to clean the whole kitchen afterward. That’s when you call for pizza.
So what do you do to make your cooking and baking easier?


Sarah Morgan

Excellent point on measuring everything out – DONE – even right down to the littlest basics! If you crack the eggs in a little bowl, then you’re dumping them clean into the mixer… you’re not trying to pick eggshell bits out of the whole mixture.


I would add to “measure everything out first,” prepare ingredients as indicated in the ingredient list. For example, if you’re reading the ingredient list and it says “1 oz. garlic, minced,” don’t just get out 1 oz. of garlic, also mince it. Think of whole garlic and minced garlic as two different things. This obviously applies more to cooking than baking.

Also, may I recommend the Checklists app for iPhone? It allows you to subcategorize your lists (which I do by grocery store dept.) and saves any checklist item so all I have to do is open my app and add or delete items to the same list every week.

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