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This is a super housey post. I am super housey lately. I’m liking where I am. I have hot pink peacocks in my bathroom, a fireworks crate in my living room, and a bona fide library. It could be nobody’s house but mine.

(Although now I want to rip out three walls. Which, I’m not a structural engineer, look suspiciously load-bearing. So don’t worry, I’m not going to DIY myself into a shower of rubble upon my neighbors. I will merely gaze at the walls, imagining them gone. For now.)

All this reminds me, though. Would housey posts be interesting? Y’all want to see what I’ve been doing?


Sarah Morgan

The two half-walls that create that point where the “dining room” area is, to open up the living room to the hallway… and then the wall between the kitchen table and the living room. I have no idea if it’s possible or how much it would cost, but it’d look just glorious!

More house posts forthcoming…..


I’m wondering which three walls. And yes I’d like to see more house-y posts, since lately I’m not able to come see the house itself in person.

Sarah Morgan

You say jump, I say how high. Stay tuned!


Yes! I want more house posts, specifically with photos, please. 🙂

Aimee M

I love YHL! We have the same crib in our nursery and the posts are so inspiring!

More house stuff would be cool as it sounds like you have been one busy woman!

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