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Writing Soundtrack

I’ve got kind of a glitch when it comes to listening to music while I work. I find it really hard to write words when I’m hearing other words. This means that my favorite music to have on while I work is either instrumental, or in another language.

So I’ve been absolutely loving two new albums sent to me by Putomayo, which is a world-music label that’s been around for a long time. I had no idea they had new releases out, but I remember selling their albums in college at the Store of Knowledge in the Short Hills Mall.

(One of my all-time fave retail gigs. It was like the Discovery Channel store, except PBS-affiliated. Basically, a nerdy toy store. Heaven!)

So it was super fun to see the label again, and I’m so glad I did, because I’m seriously loving these new albums. I know it might sound a little odd because it’s nothing mainstream, but even if world music isn’t your thing, I think you’d like these. They’re beautifully chill. It’s downtempo, groovy, a little funky, a little moody, always interesting. Seriously, if there are two new releases better to flow around your head on a summer night, I haven’t found them. Check them out here… and enjoy!

Latin Beat

African Beat



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