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Have you ever wanted to more about your health?

What you’re pre-disposed to, what you might want to watch out for – I’m fascinated by that sort of thing. So last year I joined 23andme, which is a consumer genetic-testing service. You send a cheek swab, and in a few weeks, they’re able to tell you all kinds of information about you.

There are some fun things – like that I’ve got the genes to explain my curly hair – as well as some useful ones: I’m at lower risk for celiac disease, pancreatic cancer and breast cancer, for instance. I’ve got family with those conditions, so that’s hugely reassuring. I’ve got higher odds of experiencing side effects if I ever take certain medications – that’ll definitely come in handy. There are dozens of different reports that you get. And if you’re at higher risk for developing any conditions, that’s where it really matters, because now you’ll be able to take preventative measures or keep an extra-careful watch for any symptoms.

Because of my membership, I just got a friends-and-family coupon to share: Only for the next few days – until the 9th – you can get a $50 coupon toward 23and me by using code A69P7M.

The more you know, right?

(And if you’re too young to know that slogan, you probably still think you’re immortal….)


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