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Strategy – or Common Sense?

Remember Mom’s advice? If you do, you can probably write a great social media strategy. That was the advice of this post, and I couldn’t agree more.

So often business makes sensible things complex. This particularly happens with consultants, I’ve found. They’re justifying their necessity to you, of course – but sometimes it can go overboard, and in arguing their worth, they end up creating all kinds of branding and systems for what are pretty basic ideas.

So here are a few more ideas that worked when you got lectured as a kid – and still work now. These work for consumer brands, but they’re just as useful for individuals to remember on social media, too.

And, by the way, I don’t do that last nearly enough here. I write; I always have; I always will. I write because it’s just in me to. I have to. Some people have to sing, some people have to climb mountains, I have to write. But that there are people actually reading it? I can’t tell you how much it means. Thank you.


Sarah Morgan

That sucks. I’m loving G+ now because of the Chrome extension, Start Google Plus, that jacks FB and Twitter into the G+ stream. FINALLY, one place for everything! (Although, I’d prefer it if Tweetdeck would just add G+. It’d be much more organized than the G+ view. But that hasn’t happened yet.)

Ari Herzog

I liked Google+. I really did.

Then everyone in my curated circles mysteriously disappeared from them — and I lack the willpower to recreate them.

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