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Around the House in 80 Days: The Bathroom

Here’s another episode of house-y organization – now, by demand, with pictures! We started out in the kitchen, and now we’re on to the bathrooms. Mine are pretty small, so I stick with two basic rules.

1. Get your labeled containers in.

I’m a huge fan of this everywhere (oho, you just wait and see), but especially in bathrooms. It can be the crossroads of the house, with half-asleep people trying to wrangle important processes with tiny, sanitary personal items. No place needs organization more than that would.

If you don’t have to think about it, save your brain. If several people share use a bathroom, each one gets a bin for their gear. It worked in college, right? It still does. Drawers with mass-consumption items – medicine, Band-Aids – get a label of their own so nobody ever has to root around behind the drain or in the depths of the closet for the Advil.

I’ve got six plastic drawers that date back a decade. They are not pretty and the labels are old. But they keep the shelf organized, they’re washable, and because they’re small, they tell me when I’ve got too much stuff and need to pare down.

2. Get your silly out.

The bathroom is a really personal place. I mean, you find yourself doing all sorts of things in there you wouldn’t want anybody to catch you at. So if you’re lucky enough to have a guest bathroom, leave the polite design there and get goofy in your own bathroom. Nobody else will see it and we all need all the help we can get to be cheerful in the morning.

To prove my point, here are pictures (with apologies for the awful lighting!) from my two bathrooms. You guess which is which. (Hint: one is kind of classic and L.L. Bean… and the other is a hot pink peacock.)


What’s your favorite part about your bathroom?


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