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Being Green

There’s something in me that needs to see green, something in me that I can feel go to peace when I’m surrounded by trees and hills under a big blue sky. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote “Man is the broken giant, and in all his weakness both his body and his mind are invigorated by habits of conversation with nature.” It’s exactly that. I feel like something in me unwinds when I see trees. My lungs open bigger when I’m out in fresh air.

Once, I loved being surrounded by concrete, tarmac or pavement. But the older I get, the more I feel it. It’s more than a preference. It’s a pull. I need it.

Because it means that much to me, I try hard to be greener myself: It seems the least I could do, right? And I’ve found it’s not that hard. Some of it costs more than the traditional alternative, but some of it saves a lot of money, too, so it seems to comes out even.



Note: one of the first energy-saving recommendations you find is to lower your hot-water heater temperature. Proceed with caution. I put mine at the suggested minimum, only to find when I called in a dishwasher repairman that it just wasn’t hot enough to clean my dishes properly. He was nice enough not to charge me. 

Not Quite… Not Ever?

But I’m definitely not perfect

So there are many improvements to be made.

For reference and ideas, here are some sites I use:

What’s your green tip?


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