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I Know Who You Are

I can usually tell when people read my blog or Twitter but don’t think I know that they do.

Don’t freak out. I’m not. It’s fun, not creepy. They have this funny sort of “I know more about you than you think I do” smile. They act a little friendlier than you would expect. I think it’s sweet.

I probably only think it’s cute because I have never had a stalker.

Just to be clear, that was not an invitation. Please don’t stalk me. 

I think the reason I like it is that I think I’m most myself in the written word. So if you like who I am when I write, you actually do like me. It feels almost more real to me than if you liked who you thought I was in person. Sometimes I feel as if I’m still getting better at being myself in person.

 Also: Ta-daaaah! Welcome to the new digs. What do you think? 


Sarah Morgan

I feel like we’re about to launch into a game of “Gotcha Last”, Pinwheel-style 🙂

Ari Herzog

I know who you are more.

Sarah Morgan

Aw, thanks! Also, hee.

Patricia O'Donnell

Very nice!
I love to read what you have to say because you say it so well. Plus, you keep me current with young people.

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