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Finish Me Anonymously: Musical Surprise

I asked: What song would people be surprised to know that you love or hate? Here are some of the results.

@prranch (cowboy, safari man) Shhh – everything by Neil Diamond.

@cssully (Texan tech guy) Love @katyperry “Firework” song #surprise

@bradatpharma (corporate gentleman) HATE: “The Hills Are Alive” from The Sound of Music. LOVE: “Ooh Ooh Song” by Pat Benatar.

Erin (Pittsburger, mommy) The number-one most played song on my iPod is KernKraft 400 – the German techno song. (Zombie Nation)

Megan (Mild-mannered third-grade teacher) “Stinkfist” by Tool. Yep, I like my music hard, at times! 😉

Melissa (Another redhead, another writer) I will sing out loud to “Islands in the Stream” if no one is around (love me anyhow).

Dorothy (My godmother, people. This made me laugh out loud.) Most surprised I love: Rammstein… “Du Hast

Mine? I hate that I love Enrique Iglesias’s “Addicted“. It’s a terrible song, it sends a terrible message, it’s the most overwrought thing since the Dawson Cry, but I cannot quit that song. You should see my dramatic rendition. It’s… pretty dramatic. Thank goodness it’s rarely played in public (because it’s so bad).

How about you? What song do you weirdly love? Or hate?


Sarah Morgan

Huh. A gorilla in a bowler hat with an acoustic guitar.

And here I just thought it was from the Muppet Show

Sarah Morgan

I had to Youtube this because I didn’t recognize the title – and then I started laughing, because it reminds me of “Family Guy” (and now it’ll be in my head all week!)


“Surfin’ Bird.” I LOVE a lot of songs, but this is the one people would be surprised by. I was five years old when it came out. Loved it then, love it now.

Ari Herzog

Karaoke friends are accustomed hearing me sing Harry Nilsson’s “Cononut.”

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