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mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity: Episodes 544-545

Item the first: MacMillan Cancer Support wants one of the UK Other Me’s to know there’s only one month left until their updated online community launches.

All kidding aside, it sucks that no matter which Sarah Morgan you find in this world, they probably all have a connection to cancer somewhere. I hate that stupid disease. 

* * *

Item the second: it is back to school time. Which doesn’t affect me particularly – although, in Staples the other day, I could not BELIEVE all the crap that kids have now. Locker shelving systems? Seriously? – but does affect Teacher Other Me. 

From: Shawn Rhoads
Subject: Monday Memo

Good Afternoon, Everybody.

I hope you have had a good and productive day.
Tomorrow is the big day we have all been planning and waiting for.
As you move through your day tomorrow please make a note of the following:
– things you still need
– things that did not go well
– problems that occurred through the day that I can help correct
– things that are in your way that need to be removed from your room
– questions related to class lists, schedule, lunch, chapel, etc.
We will revisit these in our faculty meeting that we will have at 3:30 in the Bede Library in Latimer Hall.
The Lord bless you as you make your final preparations for the first day of school at Good Shepherd for the 2011/2012 school year.

Nexus Christus,


It took every fiber of my being not to sign off my response with “Nexus Christus right back atcha”.


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