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Dear 10-Year-Old Me

Dear 10-Year-Old Me,

I’m not gonna lie, you are not jumping into the easiest part of life. This 10-through-15 bit is going to be confusing. Sartorially challenging, physically awkward, familially dysfunctional. But at least you won’t ever let anybody cut your hair this short again. 

You should try sports. You might like them. I know you don’t know how, and even going to school is still brand-new and scary, but even though it doesn’t seem this way, everybody else is learning too. You’re not as far behind as you think. 

Don’t stop writing. Don’t stop drawing. And I don’t need to tell you this, but don’t stop reading.

Don’t worry about being a picky eater – granted, don’t bother with bananas, you’ll never like them, but give veggies a try. Turns out you love them. 

That time in the gym that Randi spills the big bottle of black paint? Don’t get up. Just trust me on this one. 

The sooner you come to love your hair, the happier you’ll be. That time you want your hair straightened, don’t bother. It won’t work and your curls will just stink like perm solution for a week.

I know boys are gross, and it really is always going to seem bizarre that they made you hold hands and square dance in gym class, but later on? That boy next to you on the steps? You should kiss him. And the one in the gym? Yeah, him too. 

On the other hand, that boy you want to give up something important for? No, not that one. No, not that one. Oh, never mind, this goes for all of them: Don’t do it. 

Just because some people are scared of the whole world doesn’t mean it’s actually scary. You’re going to go all over the country – all over the world – and it’s going to be amazing.

Just because some people can’t be counted on, that doesn’t mean nobody will be. You’re going to find some of the best people in the world. You’ve met a few already. 

Speaking of those people, get your brother’s back more. He’s not going to be a little guy much longer, so do a better job of being a big sister while you can. 

You know the grownups that you like the best? Talk to them when things aren’t right. It’s their job. You won’t get in trouble. Ask for help. 

You’re braver than you think you are. You matter more than you think you do. 

You When You’re Nearly Your Mom’s Age
(I know, RIGHT?)


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