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The Fight Is One of the Constants

I’ve known Bill Wadman for years – as a really-quite-famous photographer as well as a disarming friend with an ear for music and conversation. I ought not to be surprised by his talent anymore, and yet, here I am again. I’ve talked about how I feel about depression, but I think Bill’s take is a must-read, especially these lines:

Sometimes I think that I can take over the world, while other times I quite honestly can’t get out of bed for fear of failing even at being awake. 

The funny thing is that this cycle of how I see myself is largely independent from the perception of me by the world at large. 

Days of despair for moments of enlightenment; however, I often wonder if the inspiration is all that inspired at all.  

Maybe the trick is to surrender to it instead of fighting it. You know, something like ‘How I learned to stop worrying and love the depression’. Somehow I don’t think it’s in me though. The fight is one of the only constants in my life and I can’t just let it win.

Sometimes, someone says something so perfectly that there’s no point adding to it.


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