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Leaving Home to Get Home

I tried a well-planned college career.
I hated it.
I switched to a major I loved, and trusted that if I started out studying what I loved to get to a life that I loved.

I tried a well-planned adult life.
I hated it.
I called off my wedding, and trusted out that I’d end up where I needed to end up.

I haven’t made all the right decisions in my life, but nonetheless, I’m big on trusting instinct. What feels right, how the back of my neck prickles, how somebody smells, which way looks brighter. Faith, I guess it is. Faith in people and in Somebody, that there’s a way it’s all supposed to go, even if sometimes you have to leave home to get home.

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path.”

What’s gotten you where you are?


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