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Haircuts for Health

Recently the Surgeon General spoke outabout… wait, about haircuts?

Yup, and she got flak for it, but Dr. Regina Benjamin is right on. Haircuts affect exercise. Roll your eyes at me if you want, but it’s true. When women try to schedule working out around their job, hair is an important consideration.

If I do a killer workout at lunchtime at work, and get super-sweaty, then I’d have to wash my hair, and it takes an hour to air-dry. My hair does not do well with towels or hairdryers.

And neither wet hair, nor poofy tangled hair, nor obesity are career-enhancing looks. So, you’ve got to give a little on both sides and come up with the best answer for you.

I can at least work out fairly well, have a quick rinse, and my curly hair won’t show too many signs of being ponytailed. I’m flushed, but whatever.

Side rant about embracing the hair you were born with: If I straightened my hair and then tried to work out? No way. Straightened hair is like plastic surgery: It never looks better than you would naturally. Yes, I’m talking to you. No matter how good you think you look. 

Clay Matthews is not my post-gym style idol.

So, yes. You have to consider your looks along with your schedule when trying to balance your exercise and your career. This sounds fussy, but it’s true, and acknowledging it is going to help you figure out how to fit exercise into your life in a way that truly will fit for you.


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