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I’ve made a bunch of changes around here this year. You’ve seen them, but I wanted to do one end-of-year refresher so you know what’s up.

Categorization. I talk about a whole bunch of stuff, but in a massive categorization project, it boiled down – conveniently – to a topic for each day of the week. So:

Ads. I’ve become part of the BlogHer network, which lets me be more specific about the  ads I get. I hope you see ads that are more useful for you. There are also links to posts in the BlogHer network, which I hope you’ll find interesting. And at the risk of being obvious, if you click on anything, that helps me out.

Reviews and Giveaways. I joined another network (Cision, for my PR buddies) which provides me invitations to review stuff, interview people, etc. I do if I’m interested and I don’t if I’m not. I tell you the truth about what I think, I tell you if I’ve gotten something for free, and I don’t take money. I ask for giveaways when I think it’s something you’d like.

Design. A brand new look this year! I hope you like it as much as I do. joeldesigner was stellar and I recommend him highly. (I get no discount for saying that. He’s just that good.)


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