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Stop Talking, Keep Pinning

I’m sick to death of everyone having finally noticed Pinterest and nonstop – as Jane said – posting about it on Facebook, or writing articles about how to monetize it. They’re making an easy thing hard and a fun thing boring.

Pinterest has a simple premise and a simple reason for its success.


Pinterest tests your ability as a curator. If you’ve got nothing but self-promotion, you will flop. If you care about sharing what excites you with other people, you will be brilliant.

Here are a couple of brands who are using it well: Etsy, Ignite Health, Whole Foods, and, my hands-down favorite, GE. Who’d’ve pegged GE to have a “Badass Machines” pinboard? They truly get it.

And now that we all get it too, can we go back to using it instead of talking about it?


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