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Holding Focus

I consider it a matter of pride to let everybody think they’re my only focus.

I sometimes fail. I sometimes succeed. The thing is, they can both leave you feeling like you did it wrong.

I don’t want to be That Person who’s focused the next thing no matter where they are and what they’re currently doing. But sometimes, I am, and I feel like a self-important, over-committed ass.

I want the person I’m with to be able to trust that they’re a priority to me. But sometimes when I do that too well, I get a full workload from each of several directions, and it can feel too late to say that I can’t do everything they want.

This is a mindset borne of half my life spent in retail customer service (where you can’t exactly get annoyed when someone drags you away from what you were doing because they want your help to spend their money) and in an agency (where – well, ditto, really).

Where’s that balance, though? How do you stay focused and present on your current activity, but also make people aware that you have other commitments that prevent this from being your sole purpose in life?


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