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Why It’s Tiring Being Me

You get the idea. Whatever I’m doing, I should be doing something else. Whoever I’m with, I should be with more – or I should be with someone else – or both at once. Whatever I’ve accomplished, it should have been better or faster.

I know it’s lunacy. I know it’s a hellish treadmill of my own invention. And I know, as Matt Hall says, that I shouldn’t “should” on myself.

It doesn’t make me fun to be around, sometimes. It makes compliments hard to take. It makes sitting still something I have to practice.

Heaven, to me, will be being enough.


Sarah Morgan

I want to win some sort of fabulous cruise so I can give it to you guys. You Overton-Halls work too hard. xoxo


If it’s any consolation, the wisdom of Matt Hall does not always apply to Matt Hall. He’s been should-ing on himself a lot lately, too 😉

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