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mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity: 645-650

An Other Me has let her kid sign up for the Build-a-Bear social network, Bearville. I hope Abbie Ballerina enjoys it – or I would, except that she can’t get in because I, not her mom, have her password.

* * *

Stanley’s Bar-B-Q will be served at the Taming of the Shrew Dinner Theatre in  Tyler, Texas. I could not make this up if I tried. 

* * *

Warwickshire’s Lea Marston is having “Dine and Wine” Fridays and “Coffee Mornings“. They sound delightful, if unimaginatively named.

* * *

There’s a New York Other Me, and she’s car shopping.

From: Ben
Dear Ms. Morgan,

Thank you for your message earlier regarding the 2007 Toyota Prius that is currently for sale. As you have asked me to write to you with further details about the condition of the vehicle, let me fill you in.

First of all, the car has never once in its history been involved in or subject to any accidents, collisions, or the like. The exterior has minimal dings and scratches, but certainly no more than are to be expected in the course of the life of a vehicle that has been driven over 50,000 miles. Within the last six weeks, the Prius has been taken to a reputable mechanic ([REDACTED]) for a full inspection (and I have a certified copy of the report, in case you would like to see it). The only weaknesses that the mechanic was able to identify were (A) those conditions – such as imperfectly cleared filtration systems – that merely result from underuse of the vehicle, and which will therefore go away as a result of more driving and (B) that the car could use new tires in the not too distant future. All that aside, the report indicated, essentially, perfection/mint condition across the board. Finally, you would be getting the car with some newly replaced items, such as a battery (purchased and installed in March 2012) and a fully reworked hatchback roof (re-done because of a dent left by falling debris while the car was parked next to construction scaffolding).

I hope this helps, and I look forward to hearing from you.



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