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Social Buzzwords, Spring ’12

Here are a few of the buzziest current buzzwords  in social and digital, and what they really mean to me. 

Mobile. You must make your stuff work on mobile devices. This is no longer optional.

Platform-agnostic. The difficult thing about mobile is that it’s not siloed. You must provide a seamless experience as your users switch from phone to laptop, PC to tablet.

Backwards-compatible. While you’re at it, you’ve got to make it work on older devices too.

Location-based. Your stuff should know as much as it can about who and where its user is (privacy permitting) and use that to help as specifically and thoroughly as possible.

Gamification. If it’s pretty, intuitive, and fun, people might use your stuff. If it’s not all three? Good luck.

Content marketing. Your brand (whoever you are) is not whatever you thought it was. It’s a source of information – and not just about your brand. About what your audience cares about. Your brand is the one who gets your audience the best.


Sarah Morgan

I think backwards-compatible is still important although perhaps I’m using the term sloppily.

Often we want to develop things for the latest and greatest shiny things but we can forget that the majority of people aren’t early adopters, and not everybody is up on the same tech we might be. Even now, only half of Americans have smartphones, you know?

When I said “backwards compatible,” what I was thinking is, if you’re trying to reach people, you have to make sure there isn’t a digital divide of your own construction.


You think backward compatible is important still? Why? Devices get replaced so quickly (PCs and phones).

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