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Choose Your Own Heroine

First things first: This is going to be a dorky Shakespeare musing. Be warned.

Second things second: Cordelia Calls It Quits is a great blog and you should read it.

As Kelly (“Cordelia”) puts it: “What exactly am I calling it quits to? To living on autopilot. To structuring my world around other people’s schedules and other people’s expectations. To resigning myself to a 9-5, bottom-line, lather/rinse/repeat life. And especially to the notion that that’s ‘just the way things are.’

But it got me thinking. Would I pick Cordelia to be my double? She was kind of badass, and the Anne Shirley reference is fun, but really, no. I’m not that selfless. So, who?

Juliet and Ophelia were pretty useless. Hermione and Desdemona were better, but still, nah. Goneril, Regan and Lady M. were a bit insane. No thanks.

Kate was a pain in the ass. Fairly accurate, but hmm. Miranda wanted to get out and explore the world. Been there.


Beatrice was a bit prickly and scoffy, but sort of wanted to believe in happy endings underneath. Yeah… that’s a little more like it.

(My favorite production ever.)

(But have I mentioned I am intrigued?)


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