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mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity: 664-674

It’s a pretty good one, folks. Aunties, beachy holidays, goaty holidays, South African holidays, Canadian fashions, lama junk mail, awkward misguided emails from Chatroulette, Yahoo passwords, and more.

(No llama junk mail, unfortunately. Now THAT would be good.)

* * *

Paul’s package from Winter Park, FL arrived to New York Other Me. Thirty-four pounds of… what??

* * *

From: Inge
Subject: Morning sweetheart

Hi Honey
Hope all is well with you and you are not washed away. More rain forecast for today, not good for a day off!!!I am on day 3 of full time and things are going well but I can see that I’ll have to be super organised with my time for organising things like appointments as well as the normal stuff like chores, gardening, animals,logs laundry ect.Life is never dull!!
Louis has decided that now he’s 50 it’s about time to lose weight and get fit, so he came to the leisure centre with me last night for a gym induction and seems to be quite focused!!! Fingers crossed he’ll stay on track.?Bet you’re looking forward to Brighton next week, you’ll both have a lovely time together regardless of the weather though you may be lucky!!!!!
Off to work now, did you get your cheque for my products?looking forward to catching up soon.

sending you lots of love and big hugs

Bye for now

ingie x x x

* * *

From: Sant Ciriac
Subject: Sant Ciriac Ibiza

Dear Sarah,

Thanks for your enquiry.
The property is available from 30 August till 4 September.
The rate of the property for this period is 2400 euro for 6 persons.
This is excl. security deposit of 500 euro.
Looking forward to your reply,

with kind regards,

Sant Ciriac

* * *

From: Justine
Subject: School Summer Fair PLEASE READ

Dear all

Anna and I have been through the sign-up rota this morning. Thank you so much to those of you for offering to help but we’re still in desperate need of people to help in lots of places. If you can help in any way, for any length of time, please do. At the moment we can’t even replace people to give them a break….

The areas we really need help with are:
toy stall (or not if there’s nothing to sell!)
marble game (v simple to do)
tombolas (only 1 person so far)
treasure dip
t-shirts/badge making
penalty shoot out
dunk tank (only 1 person signed up) – you don’t have to go in it – just hand out balls and take the money!!
shoot ’em up (only 1 person doing it)
sumo suits (need cover – just taking money and supervising)

We are also in dire need of toys, books, tombola prizes (brand new things)…..There’s not even enough for 2 tables.

We’ve spent a huge amount of time planning and organising this; your help is hugely appreciated. Please pass on the request (plea) to your fellow parents and pals.

If anyone can organise the weather too…..
Thanks all.

* * *

From: Lisa
Subject: Microscopes, music and goats, oh my!

Hello Sarah,

It was great talking with you and your kids yesterday. I’m around today (I think), trying to get organized, get some late seeds into the garden, et c., et c.. One task your kids might like to help me with is to fill a wheelbarrow with blackberry brambles cut from the road, then feed them to Jackson. I have a couple pairs of anti-thorn gloves and some clippers if your kids want to join in the chaos.

Also, Heaven said she could help me pratice music. (Awwww, how darling! 😀 ) One way she *could* be of use is effectively to keep me honest – to time me to make sure I actually get the practicing in. (Say, several sets of 15 minutes?) Also, I’d be more than happy to let her (and her sister, for that matter) try out the instruments and maybe learn a few notes.

Oh – if you’re interested, I also picked up a telescope at a rummage sale a few months ago, and have – believe it or not – several microscopes. I’m all for sharing the delight of science with them, if that’s okay with you. Music, science, even math… get ’em while they’re young. 😉 If naught else, it keeps them out of the pool halls!

Again, for the duration your kids are welcome to wander over whether I’m around or not, just so long as they stay safe.

Requests of visitors:

Don’t open Jackson’s door, and be careful about putting hands or arms where they could get hurt if he moves his head (and horns) suddenly, often with a twisting motion. On the other hand, they’re welcome to feed him greens and/or pet him.

Never let goats eat rhodedendron or or azeleas. They’re toxic to them.

For the next few days the ducks are staying in the coop so that the ducklings can learn where there home is. People may go in if they close the door behind them (no need to latch it), but it’s pretty stinky in there. I’m hoping to make the ducks a little less afraid of people.

The Soderlands will return on the evening of Monday, July 23.



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