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What’s Your Story?

You know those signs you see on Pinterest and in HomeGoods – those artily distressed signs that say things like “home is where our story begins” and “ours is my favorite love story“?

They’re kind of soppy, yeah. But it turns out they might actually be right about the “story” part of things.

You see, you don’t actually know what’s happened to you. (Seriously. Science says.) You know your story of what’s happened to you.

Your parents, your siblings, your exes – everybody has a different version. And it’s only getting worse – every time a person remembers, they unintentionally tweak the memory.

But the more you tell yourself something, the more it becomes ingrained in you. The more you tell yourself what happened, or what is happening, or what will happen, the more you believe it. (Another one here.)

I think that all makes this question actually not as soppy as it might sound at first, but maybe instead pretty important:

What’s the story you’re telling yourself?


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