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On Returning to Work, in 200 Words and 15 GIFs


So this week I went back to my job after five weeks on disability and tried to jump right back in. I couldn’t even remember my password. Literally.


Since my voice is still quiet and raspy I find myself doing this a lot because it’s easier than replying. Don’t worry: when I catch myself at it, I feel exactly as dorky as you would hope.

However, since other gestures aren’t always appreciated, I guess I should stick with the thumbs. *Yes, this is real.

#tired #sleepy #exhausted

By day’s end – or before, if I’m honest – I’ve got nothing left.

And when I get tired I get weepy.

It’s just disconcerting to feel as though you spent the day on a chain gang, when you spent it in Outlook.

But there’s really not anything I can do about it except sleep. A lot. A crazy lot.

I’d love to say that this week I proved I was some kind of total  badass.

Not fazed by anything.

But the truth is….

…I don’t think I was very badass at work…

…or outside of it.

I guess I just need to be patient and remember to breathe.

And, sooner or later, I’ll be up and at ’em again.

Or close, anyway.


This is so perfect and so you. Have a great second week back, Sarah. I’m sure you’re much more badass than you think! THUMBS UP!


Your ability to tell a story in gifs would make Sr. Jonathan proud.

Matthew Flannery

Go get em Sarah.

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