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Windsors, PI.

I want to write an adventure series in which Harry, Kate and Will fight crime and rout evildoers. Like Harry Potter or Scooby Doo or Star Wars or the Bloodhound Gang.

Except with exceptionally dashing costumery which they ditch to appear like commoners in M&S-brand jeans and t-shirts.

And no actual danger. After all, fate of the monarchy and whatnot. So like the A-Team. Or Encyclopedia Brown.

This picture is from the first chapter of their first adventure. The trio is quite pleased with their new venture. Harry is super-psyched that they have matching walkie-talkies. Wills is hoping the butler will have the secret lair in Clarence House online by the time the Colour is done being Trooped. But where, Kate muses, will we find our first case?

FORESHADOWING. See that delighted-looking octogenarian?

Yes, in Episode One they save the Queen. I’m not sure from what. But something not terribly threatening. Because look at her. She’s adorable. I don’t want her in actual danger. Even make-believe actual danger.

After all, her whole anthem is about saving her.


Maybe a corgi-napping. That would be okay. Or a haunting at Balmoral.

You think I’m weird. But tell me it wouldn’t work. Tell me this is not the face of a router-out of evildoings.




I would watch the crap outta this show 🙂

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