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I Will: A Small Epiphany

I struggle because I think certain things are very important, but I don’t think I have anything new to say about them.

We need to move and breathe and sleep and fuel and honor these crazy-ass miracles we live inside by caring for them properly.
We need to stop rushing and get outside and see green trees and blue sky and remember that we are animals of the earth, not the cubicle.
We need to cry and connect and share and act in accordance with what our souls hunger for, not what our productivity goals dictate.

None of what I just said is news to you, though. So many people are talking about those things, it seems, and so much better. Why should I talk about it too?

But my friend Rachael shared a blog post from Hands-Free Mama called “The Song That’s Louder Than Regret” about singing Anna Kendrick’s “Cups” with her daughter. It reminded me of Glennon Melton’s “Kairos” post. Also of Zen Habits’ “9 Rules for a Simpler Day” that I have taped up. Also of the Headspace meditations I do. Probably of many other things, too.

Then it hit me: It was okay that it wasn’t the first time I was reading it. It was actually more than okay: It was good that it wasn’t the first time I was hearing about the importance of being present. It reminded me of other things because other smart people are talking about it, and other smart people are talking about it because it’s important.

Maybe if I were to talk about it too, it wouldn’t be boring and it wouldn’t be copying. Maybe if I were to talk about it, it would add a small voice to what needs to be a growing chorus. Maybe that would be a good thing, not a bad thing. Maybe, in fact, letting myself talk about these things that I read and think about so much is another important thing to be doing.

So maybe I will.


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