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Finish Me Anonymously: Walk-Up Song

A walk-up song plays when a batter comes to the plate or a pitcher comes out of the bullpen.

There’s an art to choosing the right walk-up song. It can’t be trite, but it has to be recognizeable. It can’t be profound, but it should have meaning. It should make you smile, but it has to be badass. It’s a tough call. So I asked around.

Jeff: Battle Without Honor or Humanity” – Tomoyasu Hotei

Elly: Learn to Fly” – Foo Fighters

Brody:I’m the Magnificent” – Special Ed

Ryan:Live for This” – Hatebreed

Erin: something by the Dropkick Murphys (you can have “Barroom Hero“)

Mine? “Indestructible” by Disturbed.

What would yours be?



Stumbled upon this from KR’s Instagram follows – a favorite bar topic, with some commentary:

A) Sac – love the Clarks. Just missed them here in DC this weekend. “Cigarette” is an excellent choice. “Rise and Fall” might be mine.

2) Jayson Werth has this down to a science, embracing pop culture, fan involvement, and general badassery with different songs each at bat. The most common are: The theme from The Walking Dead, Dave Matthews Band’s “Warehouse” (“local” band utilizing the “WOO!”s for maxiumum crowd participation), and the theme from Game of Thrones.

D) Mine would be U2’s “Bullet the Blue Sky”. Or the theme from Growing Pains.


Definitely “Cigarette” by the Clarks.

It is a local band the no one outside of Pittsburgh knows, but the guitar riff in the first 10 seconds are outstanding and always get me psyched up.

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