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Favorite Things: November

I’d let this feature die off. No more. However I have noticed that in the past I’d post at the beginning of a month about what I was currently into. That doesn’t seem to make as much sense as posting what I have been into for the month just ended. So: a switch. 

Fall. It was long and glorious this year and I reveled in every crisp tawny second of it. Now we need a ridiculously snowy winter, please. I like my weather melodramatic.

Black belt weekend. It’s exhausting and stressful and there’s paperwork and chores and training and memorization and it’s trying not to throw up or bleed or otherwise embarrass yourself, and it’s performing, which I don’t like a bit, but it’s all so deeply worth it in the end, to go through all that with such amazing people, and to hold that bit of cloth at the end of it all that says “Hey, you know what you thought your limits were? You were mistaken.”

Bombay Bicycle Club, Imagine Dragons and James Blake. One is fun, one is sweet and adorable, one is a bit offbeat and slinky, and you must have them all in your life. If I told you that I play “Shuffle” every day, which I wouldn’t admit to, because who does that, I would be underestimating by a factor of about ten, so it’s a good thing I wouldn’t, because it would be both embarrassing as well as incorrect.

Sherlock. I did see it all some time ago, but inexplicably it took a over a year for a switch to flip in my wayward brain. However, it has, and I am now obsessed. “Shuffle”-level obsessed. You must watch it. Go. It’s on BBC America, it’s on PBS, it’s on Netflix, it’s on Amazon (Prime streaming, even). The acting is stellar, the writing is supreme, the cinematography is sexy, I’m a little bit in love with everyone in it, it’s  coming back in January after a two-year hiatus, and it’s only two seasons of three episodes each so it’s diabolically easy to get into.

Friends. This is cheesy. But my job ended in November and Thanksgiving happened in November and what I didn’t say properly around the Thanksgiving table, because I am nothing if not sometimes really dreadful with words, especially the mushy caring ones in my head, is that I don’t know how I’ve gotten the people that I have in my life. I’m not smart enough to have planned them and I certainly haven’t always deserved them but I’m as grateful for it as I possibly can be for them.

Now then. What was your favorite thing about November?


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