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How To Get It All Done Online

People frequently ask me how I do as much as I seem to be doing online. Frequently, when they say it, the subtext is… and so when do you actually accomplish anything useful? 

I try to ignore that, or at least not let it get to me, for two reasons.

First, what I’m doing is often very useful indeed. It’s research to get my work done, or it’s reputation-building – sharing or connecting – that helps me get work. After all, I wrote a master’s thesis based entirely on online research, and I work remotely full-time now: online is, in a very real sense, where I live a good bit of the time.  

True, it’s also sometimes a bit of time-wasting – but considering I don’t watch live TV, read magazines or play video games, I’m okay with a bit of Etsy window-shopping and Reddit browsing.

But the other reason that I try not to let it bother me when people imply that I’m spending too much time online is that – here’s the secret I’m actually not.

Here’s how to look like you’re getting it all done while you’re actually at the gym or at brunch.


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