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Burning Down the Farm: On the Road

Back in November, the farm burned down, and I started out on a path I’d wanted to walk for years, but had always been too financially conservative to take.

I am now a full-time freelance writer and PR consultant.

So: what’s happened so far? Well, my client roster is up to six public relations and marketing communications agencies and publications, and I’m not even just being nice when I tell you that each and every one of my clients are fantastic. Seriously. They are a joy and a delight and I’m so freaking lucky.

My income to date? No, of course I’m not telling you that. But I will say that while it’s on par with my expectations of what getting started would be like, my goal is to work hard to double my monthly average by the end of this year.

Obviously, doing what I do, words are what matter to me – possibly what matter most to me. Which is why it means so much to hear good ones. Here’s a bit of what I’m getting so far. You can see why it makes me crazy happy.

“Great piece.”

“Thanks for listening to me rant, and double thanks for taking those rants and turning them into something articulate and smart.”

“Of all of our … authors, you are the fave. This was something that came up … unprompted.”

“Lots of times things are tough to review, but I flew through yours. They’re so easy to understand, so well written, the right length – all great and very much on track.”

I’m having a lot of fun, and some recent projects are getting some notice. One site for which I write, See For Yourself, was featured in DM News in an article called “Content Marketing Gets Creative.” And a long-form feature of mine will be in MM&M next month.

I’m loving it – but it’s also honestly terrifying. I waffled for the first couple of months – should I just go back to another full-time job with another corporation or agency? But this is a gift, and it’s one I can’t waste. So I’ve turned down a few full-time offers and I’ve thrown my heart into this. I know it’s going to continue to be scary, and many opportunities won’t pan out, and I’ll question myself a hundred times.

But one thing I’ve learned is, when I listen to my gut, I take the right roads.


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