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5 Things No One Tells You About Being Healthier

1. You’ll look and feel dreadful. 
Your friends will know you as red and sweaty, with hair scraped back and workout clothes clinging to you. It’s a bit humiliating, but on the bright side, now all you have to do to look good is, you know, bathe. And you become weirdly addicted to being sore. Not a bad “I strained that” sore, but a quiet, “I did something useful” sore.

2. You become an overgrown child.
CrossFit boxes are Low Road structures – they spark creativity not in spite of, but as a result of, being simple. When you’re healthier, the whole world starts to seem that way. You find yourself foam rolling in your cubical like Elly. You do headstands and climb trees and run races. You see more games in life. Changing terminals isn’t a slog – it’s the gift of an extra walk. Heavy bags are a strength challenge. And a long day in front of the computer? That’s just a chance to get in your daily ounces of water early.

3. You will befriend your bathroom.
The more water you drink, the more you pee. Like, all the damn time. Also, the healthier you eat, the more you poop. More frequently and also, well, more. Sorry. Just the way it is. Oh, also, runner’s trots. This is already grosser than I’d like, so… just be careful what you eat before a long run. I’ve spent hours curled on the floor wishing for death. Learn from my mistakes.

4. Eating healthy never gets easy.
Processed food stops being appealing. There will come a day when a frozen dinner or a box of candy will actually sound disgusting. But the problem is, those are just moments. It’s a dishearteningly unending process. Every bite is a decision and you’ll never bat 1.000. But you’ll find ways that make healthy eating easier – which are not necessarily what somebody else tells you “should” work. I eat bell peppers whole, holding the stem. I sprinkle baby spinach on soup like croutons. It’s weird. Whatever works.

5. In spite of all of that… or because of it… it’s worth it. So worth it. 

I have a feeling that some of these are broadly true… that some are just me… and that people have been surprised by other things entirely. So tell me. What’s surprised you about being healthier?


Sarah Morgan

I am a purveyor of facts, EHB. Hate the game.


” the healthier you eat, the more you poop” – words of wisdom from Sarah Morgan

Amanda K

1. Exercising is no longer something I dread. Yes, there are days when I think, “I so don’t want to do this!” But I do it anyway and I never regret that decision. There is a two-fold reason for this: 1. I love my box. I am surrounded by so many amazing and inspiring people, how can you not want to show up everyday. 2. If I skip a few days of exercising, I become an unbearable b^t€h!

2. I pee my pants. A lot. (Refer back to point #3!)
Heavy deadlifts. Pee.
Double unders. Pee.
Conans wheel. Pee.

3. I hear “You are going to hurt yourself” or “I worry about what you are putting your body through” more now than when I was 315-lbs!!! Scant a word was said when I was morbidly obese but now somehow lifting heavy weights and doing crazy ass things like tire flips or atlas stones is super dangerous and I must be warned!

4. 30’s are great! I am happier and healthier now and having the best time of my life!

Jess Twomey

Couldn’t agree more. Love using my newfound strength to turn ordinary hum drum daily chores into amazing feats. Like telling the supermarket check out clerk to load up my grocery bags nice and heavy then later seeing if I can carry them all into the house at once. And that’s fun!! Always nice to hear someone else got bitten by the same bug 🙂


So true Sarah!! I need to get back to this – I’m batting about .001 right now & feeling way more dreadful than I look… not nearly red & sweaty enough! Ha! Thanks for reminder!

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