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Finished Project: LASERS

I know you are now mentally saying the word “laser” in a Dr. Evil voice. I relish the power I have over you.

One of the things I love the most about what I do is how much I get to learn.

Lately, I helped Empower MediaMarketing develop content for a group of eye surgeons.

BTW, when I talk to people who don’t work in my field, I get a blank sort of stare when I talk about “developing content.” So, the non-businessy version: I wrote a set of articles for a vision-care practice, so they would be stocked with useful information that prospective patients would Google for and would find helpful, which would ideally lead the patients to consider the practice when they were choosing where to have a procedure.

This would have been interesting in any case, but it was specially fascinating for me to be interviewing eye surgeons and patients, and writing about eye health, because I had emergency eye surgery to correct a detaching retina 10 years ago (see a bit about that here, here, here).

I love asking questions. I love finding things out. I love when I get to learn. And, come on. Lasers on eyes? We really do live in the future.

See my work for LASIK Plus at




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