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Search Term Personality Test

Sometimes people create posts showing what search terms have led people to them. I’ve done it myself. But it occurred to me that those same people didn’t often turn it around and write about their own searches.

I wondered: why not? Were the search terms we use some kind of embarrassingly accurate look into our brains?

Well: here are the last 48 hours of my life, as told by my Google search history.

difference between near field communication and ibeacon
neil patrick harris instagram
left handed knife
the caretaker whistling
mobile phones in science fiction
handheld technology star wars
swollen eyes dairy
nf near field
my wifi is slow
cinnamon caramel stuffed snickerdoodles
effect of affordable care act on pharmaceutical industry
if 16% is 50 million what is 13%
how many uninsured americans were there before the affordable care act
trend prediction
fool’s errand
my dear bessie a love story
why do I fall for narcissists
hickies shoes
amanda bynes
unstructured play benefits
countries with universal health care
germany 1883
the evolution of healthcare reform
data privacy day
well I’m not now sherlock
universal cell phone armband
veteran’s day 2014
extra payment or shorter term
learn math as an adult
converse prague
showing the effort that something takes
orange man clipart
mit half a billion people using mobile health apps

That answers that question.


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