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2014 Top Ten: Healthy-Living Goodies

Welcome to the end of the year: One top 10 post for each of the last 10 days of 2014.

  1. Songs.

Today: ten of my favorite healthy-living things from 2014.

  1. PlantFusion vanilla plant-based protein powder. Most every day my breakfast is two scoops of this. No soy, no whey – and it tastes better than any other I’ve had.
  2. Quart-sized Mason jars. They’re lovely and retro, and they’re nice and big, so I’ve abandoned normal glasses and these are what I drink out of – protein in the morning, then a gallon of water a day.
  3. Kleen Kanteen stainless steel water bottle. For when I’m not at home with my Mason jars. Even non-BPA plastic is questionable, and even the silicone-encased glass bottles shatter if you’re clumsy. So I’ve heard.
  4. Apple-pie Larabars. Raw, simple, cheap, indestructible, delicious, and perfect to throw in your car or bag as a just-in-case.
  5. Rx Smart Gear jump rope. Mine was cobbled together – handles and rope both hand-me-downs – from two Rx pieces, and I love it.
  6. Champion Shape tights. Forget Target and Reebox, Athleta and Lululemon… these are the best workout tights I’ve found. They don’t fall down, they aren’t see-through or shiny.
  7. Moving Comfort sports bras. Seriously the best – and $30-60 depending on the Amazon seller, so reasonably priced, too.
  8. Biotin. During my thyroid problems, piles of my hair fell out. My doctors suggested biotin supplementation, and now it’s as thick as it ever was, and my nails are crazy strong.
  9. Epsom salts. Peter got me into these years ago while Jane was taking ice baths while marathon training. Epsom soaks have magical properties. I swear.
  10. Josie Maran’s argan cleansing oil. My skin is very persnickety, but it loves this oil-only cleanser. Some people mix their own versions, but I trust Josie.

So. What’s one of your favorite healthy-living discoveries this year?



Bragg’s apple cider vinegar. I started taking a teaspoon or cap full of it in the morning and my energy has improved immensely. Plus I don’t feel like I’m on the cusp of a cold so much. I make it like tea in a mixture of water, lime or lemon juice, honey and a little sugar for to taste. I really like it!

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