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2014 Top Ten: Professional Posts

Welcome to the end of the year: One top 10 post for each of the last 10 days of 2014.

  1. Songs.
  2. Healthy living.
  3. Goals.
  4. Moments.
  5. Books.
  6. Movies.
  7. Things.
  8. Posts by other people.

Today: professional posts

Here are the posts you read the most this year about what I’ve been up to. It’s been a huge challenge but I’ve met my main AND my stretch goals for the year – and I love what I do, and being able to say that is a humbling blessing. It’s a gift I’ve never really had before. Here’s to more of that for all of us in the New Year.

  1. The Man Behind the Curtain: The Emotional Impact of New Technology
  2. Surviving Buzzworld
  3. A New Collaboration
  4. Coming Up With a Zone Distance: Where Online Hours Go
  5. Burning Down the Farm: On the Road
  6. How to Get It All Done Online
  7. MM&M Feature on Orphan and Specialty Drugs
  8. Writing: Public or Private?
  9. MM&M Feature on Co-Pay Cards and Loyalty Programs
  10. A Quick Case Study: Content Marketing ROI in Healthcare


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