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Goals: 2Q15 Update

At the end of last year, I reviewed 2014 goals and set 2015 ones. And since accountability accomplishes, let’s see how I’m doing, now that we’re halfway through the year. RAI treatment was a giant monkey wrench, so honestly, this is a bit dispiriting. But it’s important.

1. Become healthier. Be proud of what I eat. Get undetectable Tg (the marker for thyroid cancer) and < 20% body fat.

2. Become a better CrossFitter. Get a strict pull-up. Deadlift 250, snatch 100, bench 150, squat 175, clean & jerk 125. Get skin-the-cats, consecutive double-unders, and free-standing handstands or handstand walks. Compete on a scaled team at Test Your Metal.

3. Become a better martial artist. Write down forms (something I did for years and fell away from). Spar at least once a month.

4. Become a better runner. Run a half-marathon and a sub-30 5K.

5. Become more flexible. Get full front and side splits, backbend, cow face pose.

6. Become a better freelancer. Make 15% more than 2014. Be more prolific on my own blog. Strengthen and diversify my client base. Get a new certification.

7. Become safer financially. Rebuild emergency savings. Restart retirement savings. Find the best insurance to replace COBRA. Save for home projects.

8. Become a better human. Be kind. Assume the best. Meditate daily. Pray. Simplify. Create less garbage.

9. Be more creative. Draw people and words. Take pictures. Cook. Bake. Write stories.

10. Be more fun. Sing. Visit a new country. Have a party. Do new things. Spend time loving the people I love. Be less shy with new ones. Stop buying things I don’t love. Laugh.



You have inspired me. I have things I want to do and didn’t know how to get them done but I think this is how.

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