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Mistaken Identity – Episodes 1195-1262

So much email. So not meant for me.

This one is delectably cryptic:

From: Jelly
Subject: Greg
Hi sarah
Can’t call you from here but Gregg totally up for having Shanna
Maybe call him later tonight xoxox

* * * * * * * * * *

From: C
Subject: grafton house

I responded to Dolly that we’re 99% sure none of you wanted the house before or on Christmas [correct me if I’m wrong]…..that Chuck and I and Canedos were going up the Sun. after Christmas…with Dol/Rob overlapping with us the 30th over New Years and coming home the 6th.

From: Dolly
Subject: grafton house

sylvia and some friends want to use the grafton house from dec. 20 to 23. i gave her the go-ahead unless i hear different from you guys. it’s getting to be a popular christmas holiday retreat!

* * * * * * * * * *

I’m genuinely not sure if this is spam, or an email for an Other Me. Is that a bad sign?

From: Katherine
Subject: M and s working days after the first time in the

Thanks you very much for helping me out with you and make a card for and shopping with my family and I am looking forward back in the Alderblook the best friend and stuff dinner lady who is week after I go to redcoats the best of all ages and ages and I will not be able to get the best friend and and I am looking forward really good at the new Thanks you very much for your help in making cup cakes
Love from katherine Morgan and kevin jonas 2 he from the jonas brothers and


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