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APADIA 5: Operating From This Thing

Back on 3 May, I heard the following from DJ Tasha Blank. (On her Instagram story. Yes, I get a lot from Instagram these days.) It hit me so hard that I went back and wrote it down. And I’m putting it here so I can remember it. Here’s what she said:
Just wrapped a podcast interview with Ilan Ferdman from SatoriPrime [a life coach]. And we had such a fun conversation.

And it was an incredible reflection. Of the places in my life where I’m crushing it. And the ones where I’m stuck.

The unifying factors that create awesomeness? Trust. Surrender. And operating from this thing [points to the heart].

Which… I don’t know how it works, but it does.

The shit that gets in the way? Control. Manipulation. Operating from a mindset that believes that I have to figure everything out and get it right all by myself.

It’s amazing to watch how I go through these waves, in every area of my life, where I get more and more contracted, and I forget how this whole game really works, until something comes along and [snaps fingers]. Remembrance. Freedom.

And I get to drop the fight. And the struggle. Because that shit was never going to get me anywhere good anyway.


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