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APADIA 7: Jason Khalipa’s AMRAP Mentality

(What’s APADIA? See here.)

I’ve been a fan of Jason Khalipa for years. He’s been an elite CrossFit athlete for years, with eight appearances at the Games, a win and several podium spots. But even more impressive to me, he’s one of the minority of fitness professionals who are actually astute businesspeople.

He doesn’t offer quick-fix ideas, either for athletes or for professionals. Just sensible advice. Know what you want. Put in the work methodically. Keep thinking long-term. Readjust your course as needed. Works in the gym, works in your career. Just works.

Recently he was interviewed by Tim Ferris, and this quote really hit me. It’s sensible, not shocking or edgy, but it was exactly what I needed to hear. It’s about focusing – inside and outside the gym – and how that’s not just about drive, but about paring down and making choices, and then acting on them. I just pre-ordered his forthcoming book – called, not surprisingly, The AMRAP Mentality, and I can’t wait to read it. I think the world needs more sensible, doesn’t it? I know I do.




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