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APADIA 19: The Internet Isn’t Built for Moderation

(What’s APADIA? See here.) 

I told you about my new love, daily Shine texts. Today’s linked to an article on “How to Protect Your Energy While Staying Informed,” which, while certainly a Champagne problem –

oooh, my tiny magic box gives me toooo much information

– is also a problem that I have. And one sentence in the article hit me hard.

“The internet isn’t built for moderation.”

YES. How obvious, how clear, how true.

Apps, social media, news sites, whatever: they are all predicated on hoarding your attention. Not healthfully. For them to succeed, they need you to gorge yourself on them, clicking and tapping and staring away.

Just like casinos hide clocks and windows, apps and websites desperately try to make you forget. We all like to forget sometimes.

But forgetfulness as a life strategy… it’s not the best.

Don’t expect anyone, or anything, else to moderate your experiences. That’s on you.




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